Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫) animation materials by character designer Masashi Ando (安藤雅司) in the Mononoke Hime Roman Album (Amazon US | JP)

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arteries will always hold a special place in my heart


you know that one tumblr powerpoint someone made a few months ago about satiation slowly changing the way you perceive humor until at some point you transcend humor altogether and someday we as a society will find only magnified jpeg images of hank hill with the words WEED printed over it hilarious?

i feel like i understand that now. i feel like this is it, this photoset is the surreal, nonsensical apex we are collectively inching towards. it’s vague and incomprehensible and even kind of threatening, but it’s as inevitable as the heat death of the universe and all we can do is submit ourselves to it



Alfred Enoch is my endgame. Finally, I know what love feels like.

i’m so happy dean thomas stayed hot

Did you lose your fight, huh?

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To fans of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series: I visited Oxford today and just *had* to make sure I found the bench that Will and Lyra sit at from the end of the third book. To my delight, I found a faint “Lyra + Will” carving on the bench and this beautiful little note on a scrap of paper:

"Written, as no one came and I was too nervous to strike up a literary conversation with strangers. To whomever finds this: Today I traveled four hours by train to sit on this bench for 1 hour, 12-1 PM, midsummer day. You may wonder why. Well, I fulfilled at 14-year-old wish. Did you ever read "His Dark Materials"? It was the only book(s) to make me cry. Actual tears. This is the bench where at this moment I am as close to those characters as one can be. So Happy Anniversary I say to Will and Lyra. — A Citizen of the Republic of Heaven."

I only read the books for the first time about seven months ago, but I fell in love with the series. I just found this note so incredibly sweet, and it’s a lovely reminder of how much the books of one’s childhood can affect your life.

[Gus Fring’s final scene] was clearly designed to replicate the teddy bear, missing eye and all. Gus for most of the show seemed indestructable and incapable of dying, similar to how a pink bear wouldn’t seem like it could represent hopelessness. [x]